Personalized dog walking for busy professionals in the downtown OKC community provided by Amanda and her small, dedicated team.

“Dogs are my favorite people.”

― Richard Dean Anderson ―




The Deep Deuce Dog Walker is a local, family operated business dedicated to enhancing the joy of pet ownership for busy, working professionals by providing reliable peace of mind in a loving way
while fostering a sense of community. It was founded in 2015 by downtown resident Amanda St. John as a solution to the lack of professional pet care options in the downtown community and surrounding areas. Today downtown pets are cared for by not only Amanda, but her bother Philip and cousin Jessica along with a handful of other carefully screened, thoroughly trained and monitored team members. You can meet all of them here!

We know how special your pets are to you - we feel the same way about ours! Our own standards were the inspiration behind our philosophy and service. The Deep Deuce Walker team is a small, skilled staff that is trained in your specific needs to ensure the best experience for you and your pet. All walkers are fully insured and bonded. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, we set the bar for reliable, professional pet care in downtown OKC. 
Safer than WAG, a more controled environment than daycare and comparable pricing are all persuasive reasons to trust us with your loved ones. We also offer scheduling, GPS tracking itemized invoicing and daily reports complete with pictures  through a convenient smartphone app! Also, by supporting us you're supporting a local business.
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The Deep Deuce Dog Walker

Amanda St. John

Founder / Walker

     Growing up on a farm in rural Oklahoma gave Amanda the kind of childhood any animal lover would appreciate.

     "We had dogs and cats, of course. But we also raised rabbits, exotic birds, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and even whitetail deer. Spending so many of my formative years caring for living things in all stages of life really shaped who I am as a person today."

     After working in the dental field as a dental assistant for six years and moving downtown she realized the need for pet care in the newly urbanized Oklahoma City.

     "It was really stressful for me at first. My options as a dog mom were limited to websites that would basically recommend strangers. The idea of dropping the keys to my home and the lives of my fur babies into the hands of a complete stranger was not an option."

     Amanda resigned from her dental career and began offering the same security and peace of mind she had desired for herself.

      "By staying in the downtown area, within a mile of my home, I am able to keep things more personal. It's my carefully vetted, small team and myself coming to your home and taking care of your babies, not a random person from across town. I can keep prices reasonable, because we're not traveling, we can make a last-minute stop, because we're usually no more than a 5 minute walk away from your home, and I feel really good about that."

Meet our team
  1. Philip St. John - Team Leader / Walker
    Managing Director
    " I started walking dogs with Amanda in August of 2017 after months of her hounding me to join the team. Despite my love for animals I wasn't sure what to expect working so closely with my sister. Taking that leap of faith has brought so many positive changes to my life. I love getting to spend my days with these dogs, and Amanda isn't all that bad either. The relationships I have built with our clients and their pets motivates me every day to go above and beyond."
  2. Jessica Sterling - Office Manager / Walker
    Managing Director
    " Amanda and Philip have always been more like siblings than cousins. We spent a lot of time together! I am an obsessed dog mom of 3 that has spent the last 7 years being fortunate enough to get to stay home and raise my human son, Ethan. When Amanda asked me if I would like to join her team I was over the moon! This profession has changed my life! I love the physical activity and being outside. I've grown so attached to the dogs I care for that I find myself wondering how they are doing when I don't see them for a few days!
Meet our all-star pet pamperers!
  1. Natalia Cope
    Managing Director
    " I teach second grade during the school year and started walking dogs with Amanda over the summer. I have two dogs and a cat that I love like my children! "
  2. Taylor Arispe
    Managing Director
  3. Cal Walker
    Managing Director
  4. Andra Erbar
    Managing Director
  1. Emily Williams
    Managing Director
    " I teach second grade during the school year and started walking dogs with Amanda over the summer. I have two dogs and a cat that I love like my children! "
  2. Lauren Best
    Managing Director
  3. Could this be you?
    Managing Director
  4. We're hiring!
    Managing Director